Backup Yahoo Mails using Thunderbird, Save Your Yahoo Mails

There are many amazing web portals available which make our exploring experience easier, but in order to access these one need a base or a platform which is no other than so many outstanding search engines provide. One can also receive many services from these search engines, among which emailing is one of the best. While accessing these services of any email service provider, one can experience so much all together. Whether it is signing in, communicating, configuring, as well as storing data everything one can get in emails all together.

There are many options available of email and search engines among which yahoo are definitely the best. One can grab as much as they can. While there are many things to do and explore, similarly if one wants to backup their emails, they can so these step by step or with the help of Yahoo technical support telephone number team. Many a times, there come situations when you are unable to get back your yahoo mails easily. Hence it is required to have such services, with the help of which one can backup their yahoo mails significantly. It’s the best way to store your emails at one pace. The process of backup of yahoo mails is very easy if you follow this article. It can be done even if you are not a Yahoo Mail Plus subscriber who gives offline access to emails.

Backup Yahoo Mails

There are many people who want to backup their Yahoo emails because it might contain very useful information. And this is also a good choice, as no one wants to lose their valuable information. There are several steps which one can take in order to back up their emails in yahoo. One can use Thunderbird for this purpose –

Steps to Backup Yahoo Mails using Thunderbird

  1. 1. Open Thunderbird application and click ‘Tools’ then ‘Account Settings.
  2. 2. Click on ‘Add Account’.
  3. 3. Select the ‘Email Account’ option and click on the next button.
  4. 4. Now type an email address and your name in the respective boxes and click on the ‘next button.
  5. 5. The option will come for you to choose POP option and also type ‘local host’ as the server which has incoming emails.
  6. 6. Now you can check or uncheck ‘use global inbox’ depending on your personal choice.
  7. 7. Click on next and enter username.
  8. 8. Click on next and add your name in Thunderbird.
  9. 9. Now you have to scroll down and click on Outgoing emails.
  10. 10. After that go to advanced and click ‘add’ there option.
  11. 11. As outgoing mail server type and port as 25 default.
  12. 12. Now tick on the username and password and it will open.
  13. 13. Any username you enter this should be like
  14. 14. Click on no for ‘use secure connection’ and then you can click ‘ok’ twice.
  15. 15. Then click ok on server settings tab option.
  16. 16. Don’t check ‘use secure SSL’ or ‘use authentication’ option.
  17. 17. Choose the correct place where you want your emails to go to in the POP.
  18. 18. Click on SMTP and select drop down menu and select port 25
  19. 19. Now continue to modify preferences in the account and then click ok.

These are certain important steps which one must take in order to back up their Yahoo emails by using thunderbirds. One can easily backup their emails using thunderbird whenever they want; these are steps which you can anytime take. Apart from this, some users don’t have enough time to follow these steps for backup their email, at that moment they can simply approach us. We give best assistance for back up your email, we are available 24/7 and we also provide remote access solution to all the users for accessing yahoo smoothly as well as receive all the mails if they by chance deleted it.

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